Save Our Souls

Coverage of ways in which people are desperately trying to fight the commodification of our minds, bodies and SOULS by reinventing the arts in the image/soundscapes of a new world that is not only possible but well on her way.

One Hundred Years
e65028c8bcf1168a2a27527d2080d114 October 7, 2017

“One Hundred Years,” Steve Bloom’s epic poem of triumph and tragedy, commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution of 1917, is debuting today (October 7 2017) in a collaborative effort by thirteen websites in seven countries. Click here to read the poem Click here to read commentary about the poem Websites which are participating in the October 7 launch:; Links, Australia; International Viewpoint; Ecosocialist Horizons; Lalit, Mauritius; Radical Socialist, India; Socialist Party, Sweden;; Jozi Book Fair, South Africa;…

The Cry of Mother Earth: Music Video!
mother-nature-iv-anthony-burks October 1, 2017

“This video was inspired by the convocation of Ecosocialist activists who met last year up in the hills of Monte Carmelo outside of Caracas, Venezuela. I invited several Arusha, Tanzania based artists to express aspects of Ecosocialism and this beautiful video is the result! The artists include Dwee; Emma Maasai; GP Rowdix; J.Star and me! I was the director and Emma Maasai and I did the shooting and editing. I am thrilled that the vision that I had initially gave…

The First Seven Days!
Screenshot from 2016-09-07 12:10:16 September 7, 2016

(poster design by Eden Alessi) A Creation Story for Our Times! An oratorio/Sunday school lesson, with composer/pianist Sarah Saul, choreographer Peggy Brightman and Moving Spirit Dancers, musical directors Michael Zsoldos and Mark Nelson, and puppet designer Wayne Thompson. Saturday, September 17: Barnard Unitarian Church, 4pm Sunday, September 18: Woodstock Universalist Church, 4pm The once and future Vermont Republic. This event is FREE and open to the public. [A community exercise in liberation theology; an exorcism of thousands of years of…

1-cimarron January 11, 2016

por Quincy Saúl Cantan las montañas Silvestre en canción Leyendas ancianas Por un futuro cimarrón. Cantan rios y vientos Silvestre en corazón Futuros hambrientos Por el pasado cimarrón. Canta el mundo entero Esférico en oración El pasado y el futuro Por un presente cimarrón. Cantan los ancestros ¡Pensamiento y acción, Amor y rebeldía, Poesia cimarrón! Cantan los pueblos del mundo Por la séptima generación, Por el pueblo que no ha nacido Silvestre y cimarrón. Canta maestro pueblo, Un nuevo modo…

La Otra Otra Campaña: Gizelxanath and Ben Barson on Tour in Mexico!
Unitierra-Zapatista-poster June 13, 2015

For Immediate Release! La Otra Otra Campaña: Continuing the Conversation between Resistance and Renaissance. Gizelxanath and Ben Barson on tour in Mexico June 12th-June 19th! Activists and award-­winning musical duo Gizelxanath and Benjamin Barson will be performing their signature music of Jazz Indigenous fusion throughout various communities in South­-Eastern Mexico from June 13-­18th. The trip commemorates the resistance movements of the first people throughout the Americas against the cultural and ecological destructivity of neoliberal capitalism. Their first performance will be…

They Thought it was Stone, But it was Sand
201407-omag-sand-949x534 March 24, 2015

(Some thoughts on the fall of a regime, by Kanya D’Almeida, Colombo, January 19, 2015) They built their tower brick by brick, They built a wall to stand, They fortified it inch by inch, They colonised the land. They draped their home with trappings fine, It was sturdy, great and grand But now it lies in shambles— We thought it was stone, but it was sand. At every barracks day and night they bade their sentries stand A knife and…

Los Morochos! October 29, 2014

Today, on October 29th, in the mountain towns of Monte Carmelo and Sanare, Venezuela, people from around the world are coming together for the annual gathering of The Guardians of Seeds. Two years ago, this international gathering produced a document titled “The Declaration of Monte Carmelo,” a declaration which resonated around the world, sowing far-seeing vision and concrete practices throughout the global ecosocialist movement. When Ecosocialist Horizons translated this declaration into English, we were subsequently invited to Venezuela to attend…

How Art Freed a Political Prisoner
ancestors walk with maroon, tinson February 20, 2014

by Kanya D’Almeida Almost three years ago to this day, a group of artists gathered together in a wildly colorful apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to discuss the prison industrial complex. The conversation quickly moved to those most damned of all inmates, the political prisoners, of whom there are nearly 100 in penitentiaries across the United States. These men and women, in varying shades and black and brown, comprise that very special brand of people who do not compromise on their…

Quizás Algún Día
Screenshot from 2013-08-05 17:16:03 August 5, 2013

~ por Hugo Chávez Frías ~ Quizás algún día, mi vieja querida, dirija mis pasos hacia tu recinto. Con los brazos en alto y con alborozo coloque en tu tumba una gran corona de verdes laureles. Sería mi victoria, sería tu victoria, y la de tu pueblo y la de tu historia. Y entonces, por la Madre Vieja volverán las aguas del río Boconó, como en otros tiempos tus campos regó, y por sus riberas se oirá el canto alegre…

Because I am Seen
fiction_sworup_aditya March 15, 2013

(by Leigh Brownhill) Let never me forget as Mother told me that I am beautiful as I am and in my reflection of humanity and in my connection to earth and to heaven. On pages unnumbered and in pixels infinite views of female forms compel me and all who see to see a cruel continuum from ‘dog’ to ‘queen.’ One might always be beautiful to one’s mother and if so, that love sets a precedent that cannot be rejected without…

guardianes_laguna_1 March 5, 2013

[gracias a Haroldo Salazar] ¡Convulsionan! las rocas madres Ellas llaman al volcán hija del magma que culpa tienes de darles los minerales Que hoy son la discordia de los civilizados Que llevan todos tus pueblos. La magma les dice a los cerros a sus nieves Que ya no apoyara a las nubes porque el pueblo lo va a proteger su biodiversidad las gotas de agua a todo ser viviente ya que por el oro, la plata y otros minerales murió…

December 2, 2011

by Jen Pearson the earth is bleeding now pus seeping out of raw, exposed wounds and we drudge through floods overflow the streets destroy “civilization” take out the vulnerable parts first the real problems are left in tact all the resources are still hoarded, unaffected by the poison waters only the transient wage earners practically invisible have lost everything.

the snow.
December 2, 2011

by Jen Pearson winter is a dreamland. the cloudwater drops in crystalline star shapes to the earth into heaps with the same fluffy texture as originally in the sky. it covers the green plants and the brown and gray earth, the faded fallen leaves of autumn with a restful blanket so that the earth may dream. a blank slate for a full imagination the woods are silent, the water runs beneath its icelayer and drops off from tree branches, and…

Women in the kitchen
November 28, 2011

by Kanya D’Almeida Women in the kitchen know That their work is only beginning. They know that laughing is better Than crying, but the onions won’t let them alone. When women in the kitchen chop garlic They remember teeth pulled from their mouths And when they crush pepper corns They smell the dust of ground up ancestors In the sharp black powder. With ladies’ fingers and cabbage hearts On their cutting boards Women in the kitchen cook for friends Who…

Thank You Mother
November 24, 2011

by Kanya D’Almeida Thank you mother for this paradise For bleeding sunsets and swollen organ-clouds Reminding us that our own bodies, turned inside out, full of tree roots And skin plains and red lakes Came from something mighty, and will one day become worm food. Thank you for beaches on hot mornings and the slumbering bay, Whose calm blues say, “come in, you are mine and I am yours and ours.” On days when we’ve made ourselves so big That…