The Cry of Mother Earth: Music Video!
mother-nature-iv-anthony-burks October 1, 2017

“This video was inspired by the convocation of Ecosocialist activists who met last year up in the hills of Monte Carmelo outside of Caracas, Venezuela. I invited several Arusha, Tanzania based artists to express aspects of Ecosocialism and this beautiful video is the result! The artists include Dwee; Emma Maasai; GP Rowdix; J.Star and me! I was the director and Emma Maasai and I did the shooting and editing. I am thrilled that the vision that I had initially gave…

Decolonizing our Future: Indigenous Resistance from Mexico to Monongahela
12938172_821056234788_5088807077087761291_n April 11, 2016

Featuring Xuno “Juan” Lopez Itzin and the Afro Yaqui Music Collective! Friday, April 15, 2016, 7pm-9pm At the Dazzling Swamp: 2812 Wiese Street, Pittsburgh, PA Food and Refreshments will be served Free event, Donations encouraged sponsored by Landslide Community Farm and Ecosocialist Horizons Lecture by Xuno “Juan” Lopez Itzin: “Rediscovering the Sacred and the End of Hydra Capitalism” According to both Maya Tzeltal and Tzotzil indigenous thought, everything that exists is sacred and has Ch’ulel (spirit). Since the conquest of…

From Vermont to Venezuela: Building a Global Movement for Social and Environmental Justice
941035_912568808792276_481254508543064987_n February 6, 2016

Vermont and Venezuela may seem worlds apart, but they confront similar challenges — economic crisis, climate change, and predatory multinational corporations. Join us to connect the dots and think big about a global movement for social and environmental justice which is growing from the bottom up all around the world. Watch it all here: Quincy Saul from Ecosocialist Horizons will report from his recent travels in Venezuela, where grassroots movements of seed savers are passing new laws to ban GMOs,…

YASunidos Trek to the Highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes!
1009-just-2-clicks-so-yasunidos-can-win November 18, 2014

(scroll down to bottom for videos!) Ecosocialist Horizons correspondent Terisa Turner is in Ecuador, bringing us front-line reports of the cutting edge struggles currently underway in defense of humanity and nature. Terisa writes: I apologize for the many grammatical and typo errors in the article which was sent by i-phone dictation under limited internet access conditions (I could not proof what I spoke)… It would be super to have a little time to elaborate (e.g.., cite the science sources and…

“The Transition to Ecosocialism”
Stella y Arreaza en IV Congreso Diversidad Biolgica 6 October 30, 2014

Transcript of speech by Quincy Saul, June 26, 2013 IV Congress of Biological Diversity: “Dibujando Nuestro Ecosocialismo” (Drawing Our Ecosocialism) Paraguana, Falcon, Lara, Venezuela (scroll down for videos) Thank you so much for inviting and receiving me. It is a tremendous honor to be invited to this congress. It is an honor not only to be in Venezuela, but to be here in Paraguana, to be a small part of the noble history of struggle against imperialism which began here…

An Ecosocialist Horizon for Venezuela: A Solar Communist Horizon for the World
Credit: Quincy Saul October 5, 2014

By David Schwartzman and Quincy Saul The following paper was written for the “Moving Beyond Capitalism” Conference, which took place Jul. 29-Aug. 5, 2014 at the Center for Global Justice, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. Read the full paper here. En español aqui:Horizonte Ecosocialista para Venezuela, Schwartzman y Saul 2015 Video from the presentation of this proposal at CELARG, Caracas, Venezuela, November 2016 Below, a brief introduction: PART I. INTRODUCTION: THE WORLD ON THE BRINK OF DOOM; GREAT BIFURCATION Humanity…

Video from Cape Town, 2014!
shutterstock_10762645 July 24, 2014

Ecosocialist Horizons was honored to attend the first fully Pan-African conference on nonviolence in Cape Town, South Africa this July. Organized by War Resisters Internatonal, this historic gathering was the largest Pan-African gathering of organizers and activists for revolutionary nonviolence since the height of the anti apartheid struggle, and gave birth to the newly formed Pan-African Network for Nonviolence and Peacebuilding. In addition to participating in the theme group “Resisting the War on Mother Earth: Reclaiming Our Home“, Ecosocialist Horizons…

Video: The Red Black and Green Revolutionary EcoMusic Tour!
Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 11.57.17 AM July 23, 2014

Black Red and Green Revolutionary EcoMusic Tour – Barnard Vermont, February, 2014 from Old Dog Documentaries on Vimeo. This video was produced by Anne Macksoud and Michael Sacca of Old Dog Documentaries: For more information about the Red Black and Green Revolutionary EcoMusic Tour and the EcoMusic Big Band, please visit:

Videos Ecosocialistas!
Screenshot from 2013-09-01 21:45:08 September 1, 2013

Videos about ecosocialism in Venezuela Inparques apuesta por promover la cultura del “Ecosocialismo” El Instituto Nacional de Parques (Inparques), celebró este domingo, el Día Mundial del Ambiente, con una Tribuna Ecológica en la Plaza de los Museos en Caracas. “Este es un momento propicio para fomentar la cultura del Ecosocialismo en nuestro país”, expresó Erick Garardurse, vocero de esa institución. Por su parte, la presidenta del Inparques, María Isabella Godoy, explicó que “para la Revolución Bolivariana es un reto trabajar…

The Regime of Money
Screenshot from 2013-07-15 20:07:45 July 16, 2013
What is Ecosocialism and How Do We Get There?
Screenshot from 2013-05-24 20:21:00 May 25, 2013

~ from the closing plenary of the Ecosocialist Conference, New York City, April 20, 2013 ~ Joel Kovel is a scholar, author, and activist. His first book, White Racism, was nominated for a National Book Award, and his tenth book, Overcoming Zionism, was banned by its distributor, the University of Michigan Press. He has been fired from two prestigious professorships for his political beliefs, lectured on five continents, edited the journal, Capitalism Nature Socialism, and been a founder of the…

Colia Clark: We Are Standing on Hallowed Ground
Screenshot from 2013-03-27 00:42:53 March 27, 2013

“I am because we are!” In this video, Colia Clark recounts the radical untold history of fierce abolitionism in Troy, New York and beyond. This was the opening night of a convergence called “Changing the Climate: (r)Evolution for social and environmental justice” organized by Ecosocialist Horizons. Her speech was the keynote of the launch of the national book tour for “Maroon the Implacable” by political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz on March 22, 2013 at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in…

Ecofeminist Manifesto For the 21st Century
ecofeministmanifesto January 31, 2013

by Terisa Turner

Hurricane Manifesto
HurricaneManifesto November 30, 2012

Performed by Clare Dolan at the second ecosocialist convergence in Northampton, Massachusetts on November 30, 2012

Ecosocialism, Capitalism and Climate Change
qms 2012 august August 20, 2012

A recording of Quincy Saul speaking a public event in Vermont, August 2012. You can watch the full event here:

Kanya D’Almeida on Russell Shoatz
KanyaDAlmeida July 20, 2012

Kanya D’Almeida speaks about racism within the prison system and the way that revolutionary prisoners are segregated and tortured.

Theresa Shoatz Shares a letter from Her Father “Maroon”
TeresaShoatz May 10, 2012

Theresa Shoatz shares information about Her Father, Russell “Maroon” Shoats, and a letter written by Mr.Shoats

The Birth of the Ecosocialist Manifesto
ein 2009 February 13, 2009

Footage from the Ecosocialist International Network at the World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil, 2009