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Economic Crisis
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Economic Crisis

We find ourselves in an economic crisis that is every day growing both more acute and more generalized. Economic crisis is all at once vast and intimate, social and technical, political and personal. Its causes often seem abstract and mysterious, and yet the consequences are a matter of life and death. In the digital global economy, it spreads at the speed of light. Most of us live and breathe crisis like fish breathe water, without understanding it.

Way back in 1999, the Economist commented that “[f]inancial crises seem now to happen with almost monotonous regularity.” Since then, crises have accelerated to such an extent that we look back on 1999 as almost a golden age of stability.

Capitalism repeats itself, and so do we. It has all gone far beyond both tragedy and farce. Paul Tibbets, the soldier who dropped the first atomic bomb, insisted much later: “If you give me the same circumstances I’d do it again.” There is something deep in our world that is recurring, reverberating and reflecting into our present day. Should we be surprised to see the Great Depression in the headlines of the twenty first century? We will repeat ourselves also, unless we organize something new.

In times of crisis, we need and deserve answers to give meaning to our struggles and sacrifices. Here we will collect research, information and analysis about capitalism in crisis, with the goal of understanding it, fighting it, and moving beyond it.