The Underground Railroad to Your Heart!

October 2, 2014

A memorial concert for Fred Ho!

Sunday, October 5, 8pm
El Taller Latinoamericano
2710 Broadway, Third Floor


Ecosocialist Horizons is honored to invite you to a memorial concert and ceremony, in celebration of the life of Fred Ho. Featuring The Afro Asian Music Ensemble, with members blowing in from around the world (from Ghana to California!).


Fred Ho was a one-of-a-kind revolutionary activist and composer. He touched the lives of countless souls striving to build a world free of exploitation, oppression, and mediocrity. Please join us while we celebrate his legacy with his band of 35 years, the Afro Asian Music Ensemble, featuring Fred’s career-long drummer royal hartigan, pianist Matan Rubinstein, bassist Wes Brown, and saxophonists David Bhindman, Bhinda Kiedel, Masaru Koga and Ben Barson. Special guests will share stories and ceremony in memory and celebration of Fred’s legacy.


Listen to Fred Ho’s voice and music on the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour radio show!

Read Fred Ho’s essay: “How Does Music Free Us? ‘Jazz’ as Resistance to Commodification and Embrace of the Eco-Logic Aesthetic”

underground railroad to your heart