From Satyagraha to Ujamaa – EH in Cape Town!

July 2, 2014

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 11.33.55 PMEcosocialist Horizons is honored to have been invited to attend the first fully Pan-African conference on nonviolence in Cape Town, South Africa this July. This historic gathering will be the largest Pan-African gathering of organizers and activists for revolutionary nonviolence since the height of the anti apartheid struggle.

Three years ago, Ecosocialist Horizons was launched in Durban, South Africa, and thanks to our comrades at War Resisters International, we are once again returning to the source!

In addition to participating in the theme group “Resisting the War on Mother Earth: Reclaiming Our Home“, Ecosocialist Horizons will be producing a public event on July 5 at Cape Town City Hall: “Act Now Against Climate Catastrophe: From Satyagraha to Ujamaa!”

Download the poster for Climate Satyagraha, July 5! here!

Connecting the traditions of Gandhi’s revolutionary nonviolence (satyagraha) with Julius Nyerere’s African socialism (ujamaa), we will chart a course towards climate justice.

Stay tuned to the Ecosocialist Horizons website for coverage of the conference.

Read our DRAFT ‘Invitation to a Discussion’ here: The Calling – from Satyagraha to Ujamaa

Read Quincy Saul’s reports from the Cape Town conference: Click here to download the reports in PDF