Ecosocialist Horizons Hour — The Wisdom to Survive

May 16, 2014

Anne Macksoud, co-founder of Old Dog Documentaries

Anne Macksoud, co-founder of Old Dog Documentaries

On the latest episode of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH) we are joined by award-winning filmmaker Anne Macksoud for a discussion of her latest film, “The Widsom to Survive : Climate Change, Capitalism & Community.”


“The Wisdom to Survive” examines the specter of climate change, summoning several environmental activists, educators, lawyers, and artists to give moving testimony about what is to be done and the strategic meaning of community in the era of ecocidal capitalism.

Co-founder of Old Dog Documentaries, Macksoud has produced over 18 films. Her latest tackles what scientists are calling the biggest mass extinction in 252 million years, as a direct result of greenhouse gas emissions, or what some refer to as anthropogenic climate change.

Numerous studies have pointed out that if human beings do not drastically and immediately alter their way of life, particularly with regards to our dependence on industrialized activity — which is responsible for a majority of the world’s carbon emissions — the next few decades could see the loss of five out of the world’s remaining 10 million species.

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