Ecosocialist Horizons Hour – Sowing Seeds with China’s Ecosocialists

March 5, 2014
Prof. Joel Kovel, author of the Enemy of Nature.

Prof. Joel Kovel, author of the Enemy of Nature.

Today’s episode of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH) focuses on one of the biggest players in the global economy and world history, The People’s Republic of China.

While commentators are divided on China’s economic, social, political and humanitarian policies, one aspect of this mammoth nation’s development cannot be denied: the rate of ecological destruction that has accompanied its rapid growth. Desertification costs China at least 50 billion dollars a year; environmental refugees are thought to number in the millions; pollution statistics are staggering, with China recently recording the “youngest child with lung cancer”.

Despite this bleak forecast, there are “seeds” of an ecosocialist future buried in the desert of this destruction; and some of these nascent forces brought distinguished American ecosocialist Joel Kovel to speak in China. Kovel reports back from his journey, Quincy Saul shares insight about China’s desertification and the attempts to “re-green it”; and Kali shares an excerpt from Pearl S. Buck’s “The Good Earth.” Labour/ community organizer Abraham Mwaura also joins us from Chicago. Ben Barson hosts, while Prince Akeem engineers.

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EHH is not meant for the faint of heart. Join us with courage, spirit, and a bit of humor that is needed to answer the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.