Announcing the MOSAIC Garden Convergence!

March 21, 2014

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THE MOSAIC CONVERGENCE! April 25-27, Pittsburgh PA

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In a climate that is changing in more ways than one, Ecosocialist Horizons invites you to be a part of its fourth North American convergence in Pittsburgh, where a dynamic group of artists, gardeners, and activists will convene to raise gardens and share strategies and stories for resistance and renewal.

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We will get our hands dirty in the soil that sustains all life on this earth, and link diverse pockets of struggle to form a united whole: What can urban gardeners teach youth advocates? What role can musicians play in the movement for food security? How can we come together to strengthen our visions for the future?

We call this process of connecting people and ideas the MOSAIC – the Movement of Oppressed Sectors Acting in Concert. Through it, we hope to build a unified front that links local struggles to the global movement for ecosocialism, a worldview that strives for a free and cooperative society in harmony with nature.

This year, we are working in partnership with the Community Empowerment Association (CEA), one of Pittsburgh’s foremost community organizations, which utilizes an Afrocentric strategy of integrating culture, social identity and empowerment techniques to build resilient communities.

As the planet gets hotter, and extreme weather becomes more frequent, millions of people are asking the basic questions: How will we survive? How will we feed our families and ourselves? Where will we take shelter? What will be our remaining sources of fresh water?

All around the globe, from Delhi to Dhaka to Detroit, people are stepping out of their homes, in front of bulldozers and onto the streets to defend the planet. As gigantic corporations buy up vast tracts of agricultural land, dam rivers and destroy ecosystems, citizens of the world are resisting the death march and finding new ways of living in harmony with nature.

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Ecosocialist Horizons draws on many traditions of bringing people together in creative and soul-changing encounters to discuss and implement strategies for change. The convergence will also feature two concerts with live music showcasing special guest artists and local talents.

Registration cost: Sliding scale, $100 to $20. This includes all meals and concerts. No one turned away.

Contact: Kanya D’Almeida/ 646.664.5658/

To speak with a representative in Pittsburgh, call Ayanna Ra’uf on 412.537.7895

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