Ecosocialist Horizons Hour — Indigeneity as a Revolutionary Movement

November 27, 2013

NEW YORK, November 27, 2013 — EHH hosts Carles Vidale!

Today’s episode of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH) features a special extended discussion on indigineity as a worldview and revolutionary current for our times. As potential and actually existing threats to life on planet Earth accelerate, including mass species extinction, nuclear fallout in the Pacific Ocean, and catastrophic superstorms that scour the globe, we would do well to remind ourselves that a vast majority (86%) of the world’s remaining pristine ecosystems are inhabited and care-taken by indigenous communities. EHH asks today: how can the consciousness, practices and cosmos – worlds of first nations galvanize a planetary movement towards an Ecosocialist horizon?

Joining us in our studio via Ecuador is Carles Vidale, a distinguished specialist on Indigenous human rights law and environmental movements. He has lobbied on behalf of several Ecuadorean-based indigenous nations in the context of the ongoing oil extraction and rainforest destruction in the Amazon.

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EHH is not meant for the faint of heart. Join us with courage, spirit, and a bit of humor that is needed to answer the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.