Ecosocialist Horizons Hour: June 12, 2013

June 13, 2013

On this week’s show we are joined by special guest John Clark, a professor and visionary from New Orleans, and an associate of Ecosocialist Horizons. Author of the recently published book “The Impossible Community,” he takes us on a journey from the abyss to the mountaintop: From today’s converging social, ecological and spiritual crises, to the possibilities for transformation emanating from intentional communities across the world. John will help us navigate a personal and political course toward a world-wide horizon of liberation, from the front lines of our own imaginations:

“We show that another world is possible by making another world actual. We need to rethink politics as world creation, though it is equally a process of world preservation… The idea of “the impossible community” is that the community of solidarity and liberation appears as an impossibility within the confines of these structures of domination. So, the only viable alternative is to create—here and now—those impossible communities. We need to stop demanding the impossible and simply do what is impossible.” – John Clark

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