Ecosocialist Horizons Hour: January 16th, 2013

January 16, 2013

Sean Sweeney ~

This week’s program highlights the role of the labor movement in the global economic and ecological crisis. If unions were once synonymous with change, struggle and the greater good, today they are more associated with conservatism, survival and the status quo. How did this happen, how can this be reversed, and what will unions do in the face of catastrophic climate change, and the global imperative to retool the entire global economic system? We will be joined in the studio by *Sean Sweeney*, director and founder of the Global Labor Institute at Cornell. In 2007 Sweeney and the Global Labor Institute team worked with the Steelworkers and other unions to organize the North American Labor Assembly on Climate Crisis, the first major conference on unions and climate change. Since that time he has remained on the front lines on an international scale, working on the pivotal and historic intersections between struggles for econonomic justice and environmental justice, between the struggle for workers control and the struggle for ecological sustainability.