Ecosocialist Horizons Hour: October 24th, 2012

October 24, 2012

Ken Gale ~

This week’s discussion focuses on the deadly nexus of free trade agreements and the poisoning of our internal and external ecosystems. How and why does the flooding of international markets with American food products affect biodiversity and global health? Is there credibility to Russia’s recent ban of American genetically modified corn for its carcinogenic properties? Why have almost 250,000 Indian farmers committed suicide recently due to Monsanto-patented, non-reproducing cotton seeds? Who wins, who loses, and what’s at stake for global ecology when capitalist agriculture production and neolibrealism collide? Joining us this week will be Ken Gale from the Occupy Wall Street Ecology working group and host of “Eco-logic” on WBAI, who will present groundbreaking information on the American-initiated “Trans Pacific Partnership” in the Pacific Ocean economies.